Mawphlang Sacred Forest

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The forests in the East Khasi and Jaintia hills are connected with the indiginous beliefs and culture; among which the most important and sacred is the Mawphlang Sacred Forest. Perched in the East Khasi Hills near the Mawphlang village, the forest is spread over 192 acres. It's gripped by the age-old beliefs considering forests as a religious entity.

The local Khasi tribals have been protecting this forest for thousands of years and believe that the local deity called Labasa, resides here. The tribals firmly believe that Labasa protects this forest and their tribe from evil. To please the deity, the locals also offer animal sacrifices in the stone temples situated within the forest.

The forest is secured by one basic rule, 'Nothing is allowed to be taken out of this sacred grove. Not even a stone, leaf or a dead log.' Removing even the smallest thing from the forest would upset the deity. Whoever breaks the rule is punished with severe illness that might even lead to death.

The beliefs,folklore and of course the natural beauty of the forest attracts the tourists. The forest consists of rich flora. Some of the trees are more than a thousand years old. The verdant forest becomes lively during the three-day Monolith festival that is held here to exhibit the rich heritage and culture of the tribe.

Entry Ticket: Rs. 300 (for guided tour), Rs. 20 (extra Rs. 20 for camera)
Location: Nongrum, Meghalaya 793121
Closed on: All days open
Average time spent: 2 hours
Timing: Monday-Sunday: 09:00 AM-04:30 PM